Meet Kevin Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Kreator eCommerce, who turned $3,000 into $20 million in just a year. 

Kreator eCommerce is a preeminent organization focused on maximizing its impact in the world of eCommerce and digital strategy. It started as a college dorm room hustle between two college friends and now employs over 60 team members with three locations worldwide. It owns and manages several subsidiary seven-figure men’s apparel and accessory eCommerce brands. Today, Kreator eCommerce has sold its products to over 300,000 consumers across 20 different countries and successfully generated over $30 million in sales.

Kreator eCommerce offers core services and strategic advice through its consulting arm to businesses and individuals serious about eCommerce. Their clients span from A-list celebrities interested in creating their clothing brand to a high-end designer fashion brand focused on improving digital sales, a nine-figure gaming company focused on promoting a specialty collection, and a viral custom jersey business trying to translate organic growth into profitable paid traffic.

Zhang has just been honored as “eCommerce Rookie of the Year” by Affiliate World and is the youngest member of the Forbes Business Council. He is also active in the world of eCommerce education. Not only has he been invited to speak at major, international conferences such as Affiliate World and Affiliate Engine, he also runs his free-to-join eCommerce education group with over 2,000 students. He also releases educational content every week and has already had amazing success stories.

He started the business with only $3,000 in his bank account, not able to afford an online eCommerce course or coaching. Although he had to learn it the tough way with failure after failure, Zhang believed he had to go through what he endured to be where he is now. He developed his approach to eCommerce, developed his strategies for Facebook advertising, and created a winning system. Although this meant burning cash and losing thousands of dollars at the start while not seeing results as fast as others, he invested his money in the right places.

When asked how he was able to grow the business to $20 million in just a year, he says he has always been addicted to freeing up his own time. He spends most of his time on activities where he can get the highest value or activities that command his attention. For him, the scarcest resource for any business is how much time the founder or the CEO has to think about things outside the business, and Zhang was very purposeful in maximizing this as much as possible. 

He also attributes his success to how he has invested a lot of time and resources to attracting and training the talent in his business. This has also enabled him to automate nearly everything he has to do so that he doesn’t spend as much time in the day-to-day operations of the business. This has allowed him time to concentrate on growth and new opportunities.

Zhang is just 23-years-old, and it’s no wonder he’s going to dominate the eCommerce and digital world very soon.