Hermanie is the personification of beauty and brains. Because in addition to her beauty pageant honors, she is a passionate children’s advocate! Hermanie was Miss Haiti International in 2012. She was in the top 10 finalists in Miss International® and she won Miss Congeniality International 2012. Hermanie is also an International Award-winning Motivational Speaker. She appeared in many conferences as a Keynote speaker. The budding philanthropist has launched hand continues to raise awareness for her platform, “A Better Tomorrow for Today’s Children: Building a New Generation”. Part of her determination was inspired by her late Uncle, Arnold Castille, an exemplary man whom she credits with helping her develop a dog-like determination to succeed.

Please introduce yourself to our audience.

Hermanie is a child of God, a nature lover, a Philanthropist, a woman that is very empathic towards others pain and will move mountain to bring joy to their life. At the same time, she is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and an international motivational speaker.

Tell us about your business.

God bless me and give the gift to assist women find their voices and use it in the community to make positive impact through pageantry.

Women say” pageant is not for me; I am not tall enough. I am too big. I don’t have blue eyes and so much more” I realize it is not those women fault to believe those brainwash myths are because they don’t understand they are multiple type of pageant systems, just like we have multiple type of car models. You have to find the one that suit you best. Some systems are looking for models. Come on do you really have to be a model to make difference in the world? seriously!

I have the privilege to be the director for 20 beauty pageant franchises in the of Tennessee, Florida, Georgia and my dear country Haiti.

I encourage to find a cause that mean the world to them that they would like to change, or make better. For example Mrs Florida Delpha help change the law about texting while driving because her brother was kill by young kid that was texting while driving.

Pageant is not all about look. We could care less what your physical beauty is, what we want is a girl/woman that shine within. You are as beautiful as your heart. If you are a woman/lady that always have a dream to share your story, regardless it is about sexual abuse or your love for pets and you want the world to hear your story. Reach out to me @misshaitiintlus

What are you currently working on?

My new program “Celebrity Social Star Accelerate program” is a 6-week seminar that continues to empower women. Teaching our ladies anything they need to know to be successful in the real world.  We cover Media, voice Tone, walk patterns, platform colors, and fonts, how to have the judges know their names before they even walk in the room.

What does the word influence mean to you?

Anything that has the power to change you can have a huge influence on you. Influence can be positive or negative. It all depends on what or who you let have power to elevate you or taking you backward.

 How do you bounce back after a setback!?

Through Prayers, Music, Meditations.

 How can people stay connected with you?


Ig & Twitter @misshaitiintlus