The onboarding of a new employee is any company’s best chance to make a dazzling first impression. But are employers successfully integrating new hires and preparing them for what lies ahead, or are they potentially setting them up for failure?

LONDON, ENGLAND, July 21, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Cezanne HR, the UK’s leading supplier of modern, flexible and feature-rich HR systems for mid-sized businesses, has conducted comprehensive research into the UK and Ireland’s employee onboarding status. The results may surprise you…

After surveying 1,000 employees, Cezanne HR uncovered some shocking truths about the state of onboarding across the UK and Ireland…

Nearly two-thirds of employees found their onboarding experience stressful

Changing roles can be stressful enough, let alone when a difficult or unsettling onboarding process is added into the mix. 63% of the survey respondents said their onboarding experience left them feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

As a result of the changing job landscape since the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, a significant number of employees are now working remotely or on a hybrid-work basis. Consequently, remote employees feel their onboarding process should be even further prioritised, with 42% of respondents explaining that face-to-face meetings with their colleagues are vital to promoting essential workplace collaboration, long-lasting engagement, and long-term working relationships.

Over a fifth of all new hires didn’t know what to expect when they started their new job

Over a fifth of the 1,000 survey respondents said they were provided with little or no onboarding before their first day on the job. For remote workers, this figure was even more alarming, rising to a whopping 27%. With zero preparation for their big day, it’s not surprising that 60% of new employees say they weren’t excited or motivated by their onboarding experience.

Cezanne HR’s Head of Content, Paul Bauer commented that “Onboarding new employees is an organisation’s opportunity to make that vital first good impression. A positive experience can lead to reduced turnover, higher staff engagement, and improved productivity – amongst other things. Yet, our survey has discovered that good onboarding practices aren’t as widespread as they should be, and this should be of real concern to HR teams.”

Less than half of all new employees are given everything they need to do their job

Another worrying statistic is that less than 40% of all new hires in larger organisations had the tools or equipment needed to start their roles right away. Paul continued, “New hires will be eager to get started and make their own good impression. They can’t do that though if they don’t have the equipment, access, or workspace to do it!”

“If a new hire feels isolated, forgotten, or unsupported, it can dramatically reduce their long-term chance of success with their new employer. HR must look to address and prevent these types of issues when welcoming new staff, or they may risk losing the battle for talent.”

Download your copy of the full report and actionable insights by following this link.

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