Even though Batam is considered as a busy port city, it turns out that Batam also has a lot of nice spots that you will surely love to visit. Because of that reason, more and more tourists are visiting Batam, both from the domestic area and from the international area. Unfortunately, similar with many other big countries, Batam in Indonesia also requires you to spend a decent amount of money if you want to travel to Batam and spend some days for your holiday in Batam. However, what if you do not have a lot of budget for traveling to Batam? If you are also facing the same problem, then you might want to simply pick the affordable hotel where you can stay without having to worry about the budget. That is because these hotels below offer you the totally affordable room rate so that you will not need to worry about the budget at all when you are traveling to Batam.

  • The first one that you can try is the Nite and Day Hotel. This hotel is considered as one unique hotel where you can stay in Batam. That is because the overall interior design is considerably simple but there is a unique and attractive accent that you can find from every room. The best of all is that the accent on all of the rooms is different from the others.
  • The second one is the Sky View Hotel. This hotel is something that will suit your minimalist need. That is because the overall looking interior design of this hotel is totally minimalist. Even though, the slight modern touch of the room is something that can nominate this affordable Hotel Batam in Indonesia as one of the best that you can get while you are staying in Batam.
  • The third one that you can try when you are looking for the affordable hotel in Batam is Trinity Hotel. The best thing that this hotel offers is the variation of the room. That is because you can simply pick many different room types based on your need, starting from the very affordable price for the cheap traveler to the expansive family room to spend some nights in Batam with your kids. As an addition to that, the facilities of this hotel are also considerably nice.

Those are some hotels that you can try if you want to visit Batam with the limited budget. For your information, all of those hotels mentioned above have the average room rate of 20 to 30 dollars a night so that budget is not a problem at all. With all of those Batam hotels in Indonesia, you can make sure that budget will not be a problem anymore. Even though you still need to spend your money on some other things that you want to do in Batam, at least you will not need to worry about the hotel since you have saved some of your dollars if you pick one of those hotels above.