RevBuilders, a leading SEO company, wants SMBs to know that upcoming Google changes aren’t the end of their rankings, but they do need to invest in responsive design before it’s too late.

Google has confirmed that mobile-first indexing is coming, and it’s set the deadline for some time in 2018. The SERP giant hasn’t released further details, but has issued statements in an effort to calm site owner and business anxiety over the change. Google’s engineers have been quoted as saying that rankings won’t likely change in a significant fashion, and the search engine will roll out communication before it makes any substantial changes.

Anyone following SEO and user search behavior the past couple of years shouldn’t be surprised by this upcoming change. Google originally said it intended to launch mobile-first indexing in 2017, but it’s pushed the date forward a bit. The change also makes sense. Historically, all search engines gave desktop searches a priority when it came to rankings and indexing because desktop search was the primary way users interacted with the technology. That’s no longer the case.

A few years ago, mobile search surpassed desktop search, and more people are using the internet primarily on their mobile devices now. Throw in smart devices and voice search, and desktop falls even further behind the times when it comes to user search behavior. By switching to a mobile-first indexing, Google creates a better experience for the user and a higher likelihood those users can find exactly what they were looking for.

For businesses, this doesn’t mean anything frantic. It does mean that brands must ensure their sites and online presence shows up within responsive design. Responsive design means the site is optimized for viewing both on mobile and desktop devices. Google takes mobile-friendly design into account for rankings already, and this mobile-first indexing will only make that truer.

RevBuilders, a Virginia SEO company, says site owners certainly don’t need to panic or even spend a fortune on a new website rebuild. SEO companies such as RevBuilders are adept at creating responsive websites with strong SEO for brands of all sizes, and they can do so within many budgets. The key is for SMBs to act now, says a RevBuilders spokesperson. “It’s always better to get in front of legitimate SEO and search engine updates, especially when they lead to something you should be doing anyway, like optimizing for mobile users.”

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