After an accident involving a rideshare there are many variables to it and it can become complicated of how it will be handled. We will review a couple of examples.

As a passenger, we all know there are so many palaces to go and now that Uber and Lyft are around and at our immediate touch of a finger it is easy to go anywhere anytime. Therefore because of so many passengers and cars with this new way of transportation, there is going to be more accidents.

I’m sure one has many questions such as:

Who is at fault?

Who will pay my medical bills?

What do you do when the accident happens?

Who do you call to report the accident?

How do Uber and Lyft play a roll in it?

On determining who is at fault there are many variables to it, however, we are concentrating on passenger only. The passenger is never at fault and does not to worry him or herself with that part.

Who will pay your medical bills will determine who caused the accident. Let’s say it was your driver (Uber or Lyft) that caused the accident. Uber and Lyft have a 1 million dollar Lialbithy policy. Now, let change the scenario and put the other driver at fault, their insurance would then be responsible for the all that happen in the accident. However, if the other driver does not have enough insurance to cover your medical bills than Uber’s and Lyft’s insurance would kick in to cover the rest.

What to do when the accident happens?

Who do you call to report the accident?

Check to see if everyone is ok

If injured call 911

IF not injured it is best to still call the police for a police report. Police reports can be helpful to your case acting as 3rd party validation.

Get everyone’s name, numbers, and addresses. If there are witnesses as well get their information.

Take a screen shot of your Uber or Lyft receipt.

Call either your Uber or Lyft to report the accident.

Uber and Lyft roll is to take care of their workers and passengers. They know the risk that is taken every day and that is why the law has required them to have a million dollar police on every car that drives it, passengers, around.