Did you know the VA offers free burial benefits to honorably discharged veterans? These are great perks. Here are eight inside secrets of veterans burial benefits.

VA Burial Benefits Are More Than a Free Plot

You can get a free plot at Riverside National Cemetery if you have an honorable discharge. Yet, that’s not the only free benefit available. There are many other benefits available. For example, you can get a Presidential Memorial Certificate, a burial allowance, a medallion, a free U.S. burial flag, and much more.

VA Burial Benefits Are 100% Tax Free

Not all government benefits are tax free. For example, you have to pay taxes on social security and lottery winnings. Yet, VA burial benefits are 100% tax free. You don’t have to include them on your income tax.

Your Family Members May Be Eligible Too.

VA burial benefits are usually for veterans and their current spouses. Yet, the benefits go beyond that. For example, parents and children of veterans are eligible in certain cases. Additionally, surviving spouses are eligible for burial in any open cemetery, even if their spouse isn’t buried there.

Non- Navy Members Can Claim a Burial at Sea

A burial at sea is for members of any branch of service, not only Navy members. The government will provide a free burial at sea ceremony for military members. One drawback is that family members can’t view the ceremony. You can fill out the BAS Form to claim those benefits.

The VA Doesn’t Pay for Your Whole Funeral

Every funeral has two sides: the cemetery side and the mortuary side. The biggest expense on the cemetery side is your plot, which the VA pays for. Conversely, the largest mortuary cost is your casket/embalming, or your cremation. The VA offers a burial allowance to offset some of these mortuary costs. The rest you will have to pay for out of pocket.

Illegal Activity Can Erase Your Burial Benefits

If you commit a serious crime, the VA may take away burial benefits for you and your family. There are three crimes the VA erases benefits for: Tier III sex crimes, murder, or betrayal of the U.S. government.

In Rare Cases, the VA offers Casket Benefits

The VA says most veterans are responsible for the cost of their casket (although you can apply your burial allowance toward the cost). In certain cases, the VA will pay for the whole casket. If a veteran died during active duty, the VA will pay for their casket. Likewise, if you buy a casket for an insolvent veteran without next of kin, you may be eligible for a refund too. This reimbursement is only for casket purchases after January 9, 2014.

Los Angeles National Cemetery Isn’t Totally Full

Los Angeles National Cemetery is rumored to be full. They aren’t accepting new burials right now. However, there are a couple of exceptions. Veterans can share a gravesite with a family member. Moreover, spaces open up when a body is exhumed. That being said, exhumations are rare events.

How to Learn More About Free VA Burial Benefits

The VA offers veterans with honorable discharges free burial benefits. Every year, millions in benefits go unclaimed. Some veterans don’t know all their benefits that are out there. Others don’t have access to the right paperwork.

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