Sexuality if part of what makes us human. Naturally, its fundamental function is to propagate the species. But clearly, sex goes beyond the powerful evolutionary instinct to procreate. Sex is also about sensual pleasure, and includes enjoyment, excitement, and even ecstasy. Human sexuality also serves both a psychological and spiritual purpose, the thrill of physically touching and being touched by another warm body, the mounting excitement toward sexual release, the climactic ecstasy of orgasm, and the pulsating, peaceful afterglow of relaxation following orgasm. Sex is a way of lessening out alienation, isolation and aloneness by physically connecting with, penetrating or being penetrated by another person at the most primal level of existence. It produces joy, love, comfort, affection, as well as ecstasy.

It’s a pretty well known fact that ‘happily ever after’ is a concept that is often easier said than done. People still cling to and admire the ideals of a long-term commitment and marriage and with a little effort and cooperation many find that it is actually doable when they have both feet in the relationship while others are finding that divorcing their partner is easier than just finding a new partner. With so much exposure to new and alternative ways of embracing marriage and committed relationships, more and more couples embracing their sexuality by exploring alternative lifestyles within the marriage. Alternative lifestyles, also known as open relationships, are giving couples a third option, so to speak, when relationships need a little extra push to get up that hill.

Alternative lifestyles deviate from the expected and usual monogamous, heterosexual marriage. Some lifestyles include the swinger lifestyle which is when a couple may choose to swap partners with another couple, threesomes/foursomes or just introducing a new member/s occasionally or on short term basis.

The swinger lifestyle differs from the norm because in general it introduces more people into an intimate space, either physical or emotional and what is generally referred to as ‘alternative’. Before entering into this lifestyle, couples need to communicate openly and honestly to both get their needs met. When this has been communicated openly, cheating and infidelity do not enter the equation.

How do you know if this lifestyle is for you? We suggest that you be honest with yourself and your partner. If something doesn’t feel right or comfortable, discuss it openly. If there is something that does interest you, discuss it with your partner and try to set as many ground rules as you can before proceeding. Getting more people involved means more emotions, personalities, time spent, etc. Jealousy and insecurity happen too. So be realistic and don’t be afraid to speak up to your partner. Setting ground rules is key to successful swinging. Things will come up while you are out there ‘mixing it up’ so having as many key words, and advance communication to help ease the situation will make it all the better.

When you have decided that you are going to enter into the world of swinging, finding a swing club is the next step. A swingers club is different from a regular club. Here at a lifestyle event, you will not just be dancing and drinking as in a standard club. In a swing club, you are provided with a place where you can experience and enjoy socializing and meeting others that you want to physically touch. If you are new, couples can come and watch first to see how other swingers swing. Eventually, you and your partner might be participating in your own show with another women, man or even couple. Whatever happens in a swing club stays in the swing club! If fueling your sex life is what you are looking for, this is the perfect place to go.

Swingers club is different from a regular one. Here, you will not just be dancing and drinking yourself until you cannot hold it off. In a swing club, you are provided with a place where you can experience and enjoy titillation and satisfaction the way you want it. Moreover, you will know that whatever happens in that club, you can leave it behind securely intact. If fueling your sex life is what you are looking for, then a lifestyle swingers club or lifestyle swingers event can be the perfect place to go to.

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