LA influencer startup Shop the Influence is offering a centralized platform for influencers to build unique brands as well as sell their novel offerings to the world.

Los Angeles, November 16: Influencers struggling to create their own unique brand presence can finally heave a sigh of relief. New LA-based startup Shop the Influence is extending comprehensive brand development assistance from A to Z to next-gen influencers. The influencer startup sports a centralized platform for influencers aspiring to launch their exclusive brand and brandish their inspiring offerings to the world.

“We know all influencers aspire to have their own exclusive brand someday but the different technicalities of brand development can be overwhelming for them. As an influencer, your primary focus should be on the content so that you can amaze us with more and more new ideas. We heard you and hence have come up with an extensive brand development service for influencers yearning to build their own unique brands. You would just need to give us the product idea and from there we will take up the entire responsibility of creating your brand- from A to Z. It will benefit you with enough free time to create your content in your own rhythm”, stated Ally Liu, the founder of Shop The Influence.

Shop the InfluenceThe LA startup has assured to take care of each aspect of building a brand for influencers. The company is backed by a versatile team of designers, marketing pros and business assistants to help influencers with product design, manufacturing and distribution of their offerings.

“Our seasoned designers are committed to create the trendiest product designs for our influencers to ensure a cutting edge representation of their novel product ideas. We are backed by a robust manufacturing line in Asia that takes care of quality product control and lucrative profit margin for you.”

Influencers who will join Shop The Influence will be invited to the company’s Influencer Insider Circle where they can connect with other influencers and enhance their brand’s presence further. The program also shares updates about exclusive deals launched by the company.

Shop The Influence also caters to influencers who already have their own brands.

“We also extend a hearty welcome to all those ambitious influencers who already have their own brand. But when you want to create a magnum impact with your influence, having a brand is not enough. You also need a platform that can assure maximum exposure to your offerings. We will offer you that highly potential platform to sell your products to take your ideas to the huge global audience out there.”

The company executes marketing plans and campaigns for the influencers on multiple platforms to optimize their reach to the international level, including markets in the USA and Asia.

“We are ‘the’ platform that influencers have been waiting for to brandish their products and globalize their brands.”

Shop the Influence is planning the next steps to expand to SF, NY, China, Sydney, and London in near future.

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