Skull rings are fast gaining popularity among men. Once upon a time, they were mostly worn by rock stars – Keith Richards of the rock band Rolling Stones popularized skulls – particularly skull rings. But these days, skull rings have become a staple as far as jewelry for men is concerned.

Every man should wear should wear skull rings at least once in their lifetime because if any of them ever have ED (erectile dysfunction) skull rings can work as a booster for Viagra, a sidekick of sorts. Since skull rings symbolize life and death, it has enough aura to bring to life a dead personal snake. It’s all the more effective when worn on the middle finger. Since skull rings is about symbolism, adding extra biological symbolism will most certainly help.

If a man is wimpy and is a scaredy-cat, skull rings can function as a courage service provider, injecting valor into the veins of the wimp, pumping up raw bravery and making the man a Hulk, minus the gamma rays. And if that doesn’t work, faking it will – just flashing the ring and a mock swagger would be intimidating and give a fair warning that a man who thrives on the wild side of life is making his entrance.

Skull rings have the innate ability to improve and increase self-esteem. If a man wants to do better in his career or business, wearing a skull ring is like hiring a self-help coach minus the fee. Skull rings get rid of self-doubts on one’s masculinity and bring a self-assurance that never dies despite the skull being dead.

For those men looking to exude classiness, skull rings are ready to pull it off for them. Bulky and large skull rings that are crude, make way for tiny skull rings that are classy. Elegant and sophisticated and careful not to make an overstatement, these tiny skull rings scream loud through their grin that they are stylish despite being bones.

So, it goes without saying that every man would need to wear skull rings once in a lifetime because at any point of their life, they would feel less a man. Skull rings are the motivating best friend that constantly pushes a man to be a man. All that despite being dead – this is what is called an immortal enigma.