Los Angeles is considered as one of the most wonderful travel destinations. A fact that millions of travelers make their way to Los Angeles every year clearly shows it is a destination most loved by travelers all around the world. There are lots to enjoy for all age groups. Tourists are thrilled to discover the happening side of this city. Fortunately, Los Angeles is a destination you could possibly visit all year round. It is full of amazement and a place you must put on your bucket list. If you and your partner want to have some alone-time, Los Angeles is the ideal place to visit. Here, you will learn and know the 10 best places to go on a date in Los Angeles (see this other great list).

  1. Knott’s Berry Farm- It is the first major American theme park designed in the year 1934. Its main attraction is the reconstruction of an American village of the 19th century, in the time of the gold rush.
  2. Universal Studios- This is the shooting location of the greatest films in the world such as King Kong, Jurassic Park and ET. King Kong features several attractions and each one of them is designed around the theme of a famous film.
  3. Disneyland- It is located in Anaheim, about 40 miles south of Los Angeles. It is the 1st Disney Park and it has 60 major attractions. You will enjoy going there mainly if you have children, who will be thrilled to be in the dreamland created by Walt Disney.
  4. The Getty Museum- The museum has various works of Italian Renaissance to David Hockney, through the work overview of Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet and Cezanne. The collections include a fund belonging to the oil magnate John Paul Getty. The building itself is astounding and worth a visit for itself.
  5. Farmers Market- This is an area known for its covered market, created by farmers during the Great Depression. The market is one of the few places in Los Angeles where you can find fresh food from around the world. You can take a streetcar to look at the old travels the footpaths, lined with boutiques, cafes and restaurants.
  6. Sunset Boulevard- This is considered as one of the most well-known boulevards in the world. It is 40 km long making it the longest street in Los Angeles. As its name suggests, on Sunset Boulevard, life begins after dark. The Boulevard ends at the beaches of Santa Monica.
  7. Venice Beach- It is a colorful neighborhood, perfect for relaxing as cars are prohibited in the Mecca of the hippie movement in Los Angeles. Many attractions can be found in the streets such as fire-eaters, jugglers, dancers, speakers and musicians.
  8. Santa Monica- It is the main resort of Los Angeles. The station is worth seeing for the authentic charm with lively and relaxed atmosphere as well as a backdrop of beautiful landscapes.
  9. Beverly Hills- It is a very pleasant area with stunning wooden houses that worth a visit by themselves.
  10. Hollywood- It is considered as the major symbols of the American dream. Some of the must see things here are the famous Mann’s Chinese Theater, the Walk of Fame and the Sunset Boulevard.

When looking at travel deals and vacation packages to Los Angeles, make sure to bundle and save your vacations.