Most women are aware of this problem of having clothes not fitting them properly. Many often end up feeling really unsure which size to order, especially when placing an order in an online store. But what if these problems were resolved once and for all?

A designer from Australia created a clothing label that actually addresses these problems. After getting fed up with the lack of clothing options and the common problem of having to return clothes because of wrong sizing, Sera Caruana founded Frenchie York. Her solution was to remove sizing completely, by making all pieces “Made to Fit”.

Every piece is made to fit the customer no matter what their measurements.

Sera feels a strong advocate of the idea that each woman should love and feel positive about their body shape. Each woman is different and yet every woman is beautiful in her own way. Nobody should be able to tell anyone what to wear or not to wear.

Currently, clothing sizes are categorized into “Petite”, “Standard” and “Plus Size” in the fashion industry. Sera wanted to start a change in order to eliminate these titles and embrace the idea that everyone has their own size and there are no categories within which we fall. “Helping women love their body, get back that confidence that they might have lost as a result of unnecessary categorization, and helping them feel that they are in charge of what they wear, is critical for us”, Sera explains.

Because Frenchie York is an ethical and sustainable clothing label, each item is made to order. This allows them to make each piece with any measurements.

By getting rid of sizing, and making everything to order, Sera believes that we can be one step closer to tackling the huge environmental and size issues that are plaguing the fashion industry. Her idea of bringing back high-quality affordable clothing that will last for years and fit the customer properly is something she is very passionate about. She believes customers are sick of buying cheap clothing that they just throw away after having worn them a couple of times. Sera understands the frustration of being uncertain of one’s size when trying to order something from most shops.

Frenchie York will be opening new stores in mid-2018 in New York and LA. This unique clothing brand will give you the opportunity to try on any item from their collection and have it made to your size and delivered right to your doorstep! Definitely, an innovative and awesome way to start buying high-quality clothes that will last and which will really fit you. And this will surely make you feel good about yourself while enabling you to avoid all of the frustration related to buying clothes that you had until now!

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