It’s been a while, Mads. We haven’t seen the Danish actor on any shows since back in 2014 when he starred in the Netflix-series ‘Rita’. The series has run for four seasons in Denmark and internationally on Netflix which was also a co-producer on the third and fourth season.

But there’s good news for fans of the Danish actor.

However, according to his manager, Kathrine Lilholt, it has been confirmed that Mads will be back on the screen for season two of the Danish TV-series ‘Roomies’ this fall.

– We can now confirm that Mads is a part of the new season of Roomies, Kathrine told the Los Angeles Journal.

– Mads has been busy managing other social media influencers during his break from TV -and it’s been great, Kathrine said.

‘Roomies’ returns this fall on Danish television.