Music Nerd Studios spoke with music producer Mikhail Peleg about the longevity of the band Machete and what its fans can expect in near future.

NEW YORK, NY, July 22, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Music Nerd Studios recently sat down with Mikhail Peleg, the producer of Machete, a Ukrainian band that has stood the test of time, capturing audiences with its soft-rock melodies for over a decade. We asked Mikhail Peleg about the secrets behind the longevity of the band, and what it has in store for its fans in near future.

According to Peleg, what has always set Machete apart is how seriously the band approached its sound quality and its lyrics. The songwriter and front man of Machete Yaroslav Malyy always imbues his songs with deep meaning and emotion that continues to resonate with fans. Even some of the group’s older songs, like “Tenderness,” for example, remain popular to this day, racking up millions of views on YouTube.

That deep meaning in each of Yaroslav’s songs, says Peleg, is what keeps listeners coming back. He notes that not many bands can say this about their lyrics nowadays. In Peleg’s view, too often, songs are written to simply make you move instead of making you listen. This is what makes Machete unique. The band’s melodies enhance the lyrics, combining into a stream of consciousness that elicits the emotions and introspective thoughts from the audience.

But perhaps most importantly, underscores Peleg, Yaroslav is never afraid of being vulnerable in his music. This is what allows fans to really connect with him on a deeply emotional level and find themselves in his music.

Mikhail Peleg said that Machete’s music will continue to be inspired by things most of us encounter in our everyday lives. The producer didn’t name the date of the new album but said that fans can expect to hear a combination of several musical styles, with memorable melodies and lyrics full of love for not only thy neighbor but humanity as a whole.

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