As the tittle of the article says the film Nothing really has everything. It has love, hate, life, death, relationships, family, work and all the emotions that come with them. The actors deliver an empowering performance on screen, that shakes you to your core.  Different stories that are all interconnected and the common factor in all of them is the nothingness that invades all their lives.

The film takes us through the chaotic life of 8 people. Maria and Carter (Lisette Lastra and Aaron Orens) are stuck in a relationship with no excitement or life, but they belive that the love is still there. Liliane Laborde-Edozien interprets Helena, a woman stuck in a meaningless job, fading away and dealing with her sexuality. A mother’s death lurks around Bob’s life played by Javier Melgar Santoveña and Mariah Hojas brings us into the world of a singer who moves to the big city to follow her dreams, but the big city will take more than she had to offer.  The actors deliver a chaotic yet heartwarming performance. Director Nicole Santiago does an amazing job interlacing all the stories and shot it in black and white to emphasize the nothingness that they all feel inside. She also made sure that there was something going on at all times in the film, to highlight the irony that a feeling of despair or nothing, comes from something that’s actually happening.

Profiles magazine said ‘’Nothing is a whole lot of something, Amazing’’. It’s a short packed with a lot of material and an important message that everyone should hear ‘’Nothingness is just an idea, not a feeling’’.