One of a kind Los Angeles based rapper, Souleye is definitely an artist you want to keep an eye on. He has released eight albums that accentuate his melodic hip-hop brand. The indie artist offers a little bit more than what you call today’s top 40 hip-hop. Souleye mesmerizes his listeners with his rhythmic flow, conscious rhymes and old school ‘hip-hop beats. However, over the years you can hear Souleye’s sound transform, especially with his new release, “Snow Angel.” The song features the talented Alanis Morissette who gives a pop flair to this beautifully blended hip-hop and electronic tune. Souleye’s verses are fast and to the point. They break through with glitchy drops and Alanis’ angelic vocals.  We can only expect even more great things coming from this gifted artist as we patiently wait for his forthcoming ‘Wild Man’ album.


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