6_forcedtokillWe saw Forced To Kill the other day and it was pretty good. It was directed by Paul Makkos and it had a lot of surprises as a mob story should have. Joshua, played by Thom Bishop, is a gambler with some bad luck and some bad karma. He has lost big this time and in order to pay his debt off to the mob he must kill an up and coming mobster. Of course, just because he’s a heavy better doesn’t mean that he has the killer instinct, and indeed, he doesn’t. When he disappears and his daughter is taken by the mob, Joshua’s wife Valerie must do the deed. (Valerie is very believably played by Jessica Blythe).

We can’t give out any spoilers here so you will just have to watch the movie yourself. We will, however, tell you that the cinematography was splendid in all its natural light and fluid movements. We will also tell you that we are big fans of Sharath Chandra who is the camera operator extraordinaire. His eye has been behind a lot of movies and documentaries that we’ve seen so we might be a just a little one-sided when it comes to picking a favorite camera operator. Shandra has been around cameras and filmmaking for years now and has built up quite a long resumé because of it. He is an in-demand camera operator and for good reason: he is excellent at what he does.