Assassination or Love Story?

Writer and creator Stefanja Orlowska’s fresh take on an old story, The Last Tango will not be a bad way to spend 6 minutes of your life. Natasha has been trained since she was five and that training has never failed her. Until she met John. As they’re busy seducing each other, the truth reveals itself: they are assassins and their mission is to kill each other.

Assassination or Love StoryWill they be able to finish this mission? Director Hiram Michel Sanchez makes his debut in filmmaking with this tale of two assassins. Stefanja Orlowska narrates the story of Natasha and we see glimpses of that story played out in front of us. Her dialogue delivery, although compelling, feels rushed.

Was it the shortage of time or poor time management? The director has played with different light and dark settings, first by placing the actress in a dark room where only her figure is in the light and then by using bright pink lights in the final scene of Natasha and John. Some of these settings worked, some didn’t. The most credit for The Last Tango goes to Stefanja Orlowska who not only starred in but also wrote and produced the short film. The writing is commendable. It’s sure to give you chills when Natasha says, “I don’t want men to trust me. I want them to fear me.” The chemistry between John and Natasha (played by Mathieu Syzmkowiak and Stefanja Orlowska respectively) is also enjoyable. The action scene could have been shot better. And maybe the last scene should not have been allocated that much time. But overall the short film was watchable and wouldnʼt leave a bad impression on the viewer.

Short films may have a history as long as feature films but it is in the recent times that they have gained more interest from the public. International short film festivals are being celebrated these days that show films as short as one minute. The biggest challenge that any writer face is to fit all the story in a short time and not leave anything obscure.

A short film is a test of the abilities of the director, writer, and actors. It is also a way for these artists to showcase their talents before hitting the big screen. In todayʼs world, people are not willing to spend even six minutes of their life on an uninteresting story. Which is why a short film has to be engaging enough to keep the people hooked to their screens for that short period of time.

The Last Tango is an attempt to bring an interesting short story to people not only to remind them of the importance of this form of filmmaking but also to show them the script writing abilities of Stefanja Orlowska. It is a good first step from Hiram Michel Sanchez into the field of filmmaking and we can only expect greater things from him and Stefanja Orlowska in the future