Gratefulness it’s always the purest of gifts.
It moves swiftly from one’s heart to the outside world,
dancing free like smoke into the space around, where everyone can breathe and smell its scent.

Fortunately for me, that’s exactly what I’ve experienced just a few days ago,
when I had the chance to witness the making of Ladi Anne’s latest video “Villas”.

I was invited by the artist in person to be part of what turned out to be an amazing journey, where the arts of music, pole dancing and filmmaking have blended into a perfectly harmonious creature, moving as a whole towards freedom of expression, fueled by the same love for creating art.

The project found his home in the heart of Downtown LA, where the art scene is every day more vibrant and fresh thanks to the efforts of many young artists like Ladi Anne, but nobody like her could emphasize enough the contrast between the etheric nature of music and the solid concrete jungle where it takes place.


In her video we see a large, empty room in one of those classic ex-industrial buildings, seems abandoned and almost kept secret, untouched by the fast paced city that contains it. That’s where all the magic happens, a brief yet very intense piano composition that reminds us of the depth of our emotions, and deeply moved by those melodies, the breathtaking movements of Marion Crampe leave us speechless, breaking any doubts on why she’s considered the most acclaimed performer in the world of artistic pole dancing.

The sense of lightness and suspension of the music finds it’s perfect match in the movements of the body floating weightless on the pole, suddenly alternated by the more fiery acrobatic transitions that reflect the more dramatic charge in other moments of the composition.

It’s the first time I’ve seen pole dancing in such a pure and innocent color, thanks to this experience I have now a deeper understanding of the matter.

For way too long this incredible art form has been victim of it’s bad reputation, often associated with strip clubs, sexual entertainment and lust, unfortunately this prejudice is what prevents most people to really see what it’s about; Pole dancing is freedom! And The athletic ability required for a performance like Marion’s is superhuman, and the passion, love and hard work that she and many other pole artists have dedicated to this discipline is what’s now changing it’s public image, one step at a time. If you are hesitant about it, my advice is to watch the video and let this experience open your mind, believe me, it will…

This is the reason why people live here in LA, to be part of the future in it’s making, To see always new kinds of art take place and evolve, leaving space for change and both individual and collective growth. It’s time for this world to accept this change, to see things differently and break the old patterns that keep us from expanding our view and potential.

When artists like Ladi Anne and Marion Crampe work together to build this future with endless space for emotions without judgment, the purest expression of self, vulnerable and fragile without any fear, that’s when gratefulness comes into play.

Being present in such an inspiring environment filled with amazing artists, highly professional film crew and the childlike innocence of the early sunrise was a real blessing, and will forever make me be proud for having witnessed what I believe to be the very first steps of our new present, walking towards a bright future made of art, wonder and true freedom of being human.

Written by Tommaso Gimignani.

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Written By Tommaso Gimignani