China SourceLink is a leading international trading company based in Los Angeles California and operated in Shenzhen China. We provide sourcing, importing and exporting solutions in China. We source products, develop the prototype, find manufacturers, control the quality and manage order and shipment. We are your perfect Supply Chain manager from China to the US.

Our company is founded to help our American buyers to source verified suppliers and products with good quality in China. Our role is to bridge the gap between American buyers and Chinese domestic manufacturers in Shenzhen due to language and cultural barriers, and information asymmetry by providing professional service in sourcing and logistics for your products, interpretation and translation for your visit.

As your China sourcing agent, we also cater to the needs of those who intend to incorporate their business in China. In the process of a legal entity formation, we not only help you to register a company from an administrative perspective, but also provides you with the insightful marketing information to determine your business scope. During your business operation, our accounting and tax service will help you for preserving resources, reducing your tax burden, and streamlining your accounting procedures.

Shenzhen is known as a sourcing capital for electronics, which is also where our expertise lies. Most of our agents have the technical background and a relevant industrial experience in telecommunication, consumer electronics, power energy, software engineering, etc. This is why with their help you will be able to identify the qualified wholesalers, manufacturers, and factories for targeted merchandise with the desired price. With the help of their expertise, you will also be able to find the right factories or R&D engineering teams for prototyping or original design manufacturing(ODM). All of our sourcing agents also excellent working proficiency both in Chinese and English and therefore can be served also as your interpreters during your visit to Shenzhen.

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