For those who are into authentic Italian culture and traditions, there is no doubt they have already bought quite a few pieces from this luxury brand. And for those who wants to find out what this brand is all about and why it’s loved by socialites and celebrities from all over the world, then it’s a good idea to get to know Max Stanco, a bespoke Italian accessories brand known for its high-end artisan leather shoes and travel and sports bags for men and women.

Today, Massimiliano Stanco, founder of Max Stanco has stamped a name of his own as one of the most talented and innovative designers in Italy. He has enchanted the world of classic and elegant fashion as seen in his designs and products. His pieces are seen worn by billionaires and personalities on the daily. 

When asked how it all came to be, Max always looks back about his passion and love for Italy that sparked his interest in design.

Max was born in New York from first-generation Italians. His father was an engineer and his mother a school teacher. They lived in the United States until as a family they decided to return to Italy in the eighties. Despite being born in a different country, what his parents never forgot to instill in Max growing up was their passion and love of their home, Italy. This inspired Max to pursue a degree in design which then led him to attend the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze in Florence, where he studied photography and architectural design. 

His creativity was shaped by his surroundings. Italy is known for its beautiful landscapes, breathtaking countryside, people, architecture, and exceptional art found inside and outside of museums. His particular interest was in geometrical design and architecture. He spent hours designing imaginary cities, ultra-modern high-rise buildings, and aircraft interiors. His passions then expanded as he developed a love for leather goods and fashion.

“I have always been inspired by sophisticated cars and aircraft, it is not only the beauty of the design but also the attention to detail. I aspire to combine design and innovation, just like a beautiful yacht. Classic never fades away, no matter how old it gets”.

Max Stanco is known for its dedication to individuality and authentic Italian culture and traditions. The store offers customers a curated atmosphere with everyday timeless products created using old methods of artistry and craftsmanship that ensure the highest level of quality. 

It has a line of unrivaled Italian leather bags, accessories, and footwear. Each bag demonstrates Max Stanco’s love for innovative design, marrying a sensuous, architectural silhouette with supreme comfort. The briefcase is a Stanco classic, and as such has been continually refined over the past decade – no element here is extraneous and each piece is pressed and finished passionately, entirely by hand.

You may visit Max Stanco on luxury shopping outlets across the United States or shop through their website at