“I really like this atmosphere, because there is no snobbery, no arrogance. Nobody thinks how much costs  car of somebody, no one looks how much you costs. True amateurs gather here”

Saulius Karosas

“Oldtimer Meeting” – an exhibition of old cars, which takes place traditionally, in the second weekend of July in the territory of Kurhaus Baden-Baden. Pre-war cars. Cars of the first half of the 20th century. A wide range of classic cars: from the Volkswagen Beetle to the sports Porsche, from elegant Mercedes to luxurious Rolls-Royces and Cadillacs – the whole range of car history can be seen against the background of the magnificent wings of the Kurhaus Baden-Baden.

One of the connoisseurs of the sensational collection of cars was Paulius Stankevicius Stankevicius Management Consulting, a leader in the Fortune 500 list, a PR consultant and a digitizing expert with a wide range of digital services for a diversified customer base.

“Surely Saulius Karosas, owner of one of the largest collections of antique cars in Europe, deserves a big award”

Paulius Stankevicius

This year the exhibition was visited by more than 20 000 people and more than 350 cars were presented. In total, the jury awarded 120 cars, which were awarded memorable prizes. Each of the presented cars is a masterpiece of design, but the most interesting and memorable was the legendary Kremlin ZIS car-102, cabriolet of 1941, pastel-blue. Its owner, Saulius Karosas is a Lithuanian businessman, an investor, philanthropist and a real connoisseur of antique cars, bought this car and not only made restoration at the highest world level, but was able to preserve and emphasize its inimitable uniqueness. I think Saulius Karosas’s key to success is his special attitude: “my passion is retro cars, I’m completely fascinated by them.” In addition, Mr. Karosas has created the first, unique in their own way, repair and restoration shops for retro cars in Lithuania and Germany.

Karosas is a man with an unusually rich soul. He invests most of his earned money in Lithuania.”I was very worried about the low level of medical services in our country. There were many excellent qualified doctors in medical institutions, but they lacked new world-class medical equipment, especially in the field of dentistry. “Thus, thanks to the investments of S. Karosas in Vilnius, the dental clinic “Dentiziya” was opened for the first time, a high-class clinic corresponding to the level of the world’s leading clinics, the modernized dental clinic UAB in Kaunas, medical institutions: UAB “SK-Impex Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center” , Clinic of therapy of beauty and surgery.

 “Another area that I care about is the Lithuanian culture. Classical art, classical values create the history of the country. In order to stimulate the development of professional art in my homeland and promote the creation of an image abroad, I founded the Charity and Support Fund, which for 15 years has been providing financial support to young and talented professional artists who strive for excellence in their country and represent Lithuania abroad. “

The importance of classical values for business development at the International Congress of Real Estate and Investment – 2018 will tell one of the best Lithuanian voices Katrin Kulik. Cathrin will sing romances and world hits of Lithuanian culture at the Munich Congress in the Nymphenburg Palace from October 7 to 10 and Berlin from November 13 to 15 at the Maxim Gorky Theater.

The Saulius Karosas Foundation helped to fulfill the dreams of many talented people: soloists, instrumentalists, ensembles, choirs and orchestral ensembles became the world’s leading winners and diplomats. The Foundation also supports cultural projects, publications with long-term value, enriching the cultural heritage of Lithuania.

“I’m happy to help young talents”